Redwood Origins Stresses the Importance of Understanding Personalities in Business

There is no doubt the sales and marketing industry is demanding, and not everyone is prepared to find success in this environment. To secure success and help people reach their potential, Redwood Origins has committed to understanding the different personalities that thrive in a competitive industry. 

 Change is a dominant factor in every business today. The marketing industry particularly evolves at a rapid pace. As a result, the industry is demanding and very competitive because the potential for success in this sector can potentially be life changing.  Alex Hartley, of Redwood Origins, can verify this, as he has personally taken risks to create his own business within this demanding industry. He confirms, not everyone has what it takes to thrive in an industry that takes no prisoners; however, his start-up business has made a commitment to understanding the way different people think, work and act to ensure the business will continue to be a success in this field.  


Sales and marketing firm, Redwood Origins states that understanding personalities can help businesses locate the best talent who will complement their values and mission.  And because people are inherently and genetically different, when a person can understand and empathise with others, they will become a better business leader with a large following of loyal and committed workers.  


Redwood Origins likes to identify the personality types of every individual in the company. ‘This identification is important because when a person’s character is understood, we can offer them the right support, we are more likely to build trust, respect and long-lasting relationships’ adds Alex Hartley. By understanding different personality types, the firm believes they can coach more efficiently, which inevitably leads to building a stronger core and bringing together an enthusiastic and united workforce.  


Redwood Origins is an event marketing firm that operates in the competitive outsourced sales and marketing industry.  The company helps their client’s to deliver personalised messages to their target audience through developing and running engaging event marketing campaigns. The company believes that face-to-face marketing is the most effective and relevant marketing technique available to brands because it leads to greater customer satisfaction and stronger business relationships.