Redwood Origins: How We Need to Redefine What it Means to Be A Millennial

With preparations to kick off a major recruitment drive, where they hope to build a workforce of fresh, new talent, Redwood Origins has shared their concerns about the millennial workforce and why now is the time to transform the stereotypes.

Redwood Origins believe that marketing works best when it is personal and face to face. The firm helps brands to deliver personalised messages through engaging event marketing campaigns. To create immersive brand experiences, every customer interaction has to be unique. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and stronger relationships, which Redwood Origins prioritises above all else. To attain their goal, the firm recruits top talent capable of tackling any campaign with enthusiasm and dedication. The firm works closely with young professionals in the industry and supports their continued growth. By providing mentorship, optional training, and a UK wide support network, Redwood Origins are confident that they have what it takes to forge a stronger future for the sales and marketing industry.

Redwood Origins are looking to launch a drive to dramatically build their workforce in the coming weeks. The firm recently released a statement in light of the launch, discussing how millennials currently have a bad reputation in the working world. Apparently, millennials as a group of people, which are those born from approximately 1984 and after, are tough to manage. They are accused of being entitled and narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused and lazy. Many believe too many of them grew up subject to “failed parenting strategies.” Where they were told that they were special – all the time, they were told they can have anything they want in life, just because they want it. Yet when they graduate and they get a job and they’re thrust into the real world, in an instant they find out they are not special.

Often corporate environments care more about the numbers than they do about young graduates. This does not help millennials build their confidence, learn new skills, or find balance and fulfilment in their working routine. Graduates are thrust into corporate environments and blame themselves when they find it hard to cope with. They think it’s them who can’t deal. Redwood Origins disagree, believing it’s the total lack of good leadership in our world today that is making millennials detached. They believe it’s the company’s responsibility to find ways to build their confidence – to provide opportunities to grow and develop.

Redwood Origins is working with millennials to inspire them to take control of their futures and understand that success is achievable on their own terms. Millennials have some great skills and redefining the generation means helping them make the most of these skills and adopting a mind-set focused on ambition and learning. The company believes that everyone deserves an equal chance to succeed, prioritising value attitude and ambition over statistics.

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