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Redwood Origins Managing Director talks about the importance of networking within your industry

Alex Hartley Managing Director of Norwich based direct sales and marketing experts, Redwood Origins urges budding entrepreneurs to continuously look for opportunities to improve their networking and personal skills. Professionals use networking as a fantastic tool to form relationships with like-minded individuals and industry leaders that will help to grow your effectiveness within your industry or organisation. The most important aspect of networking in any form is to make yourself known. It’s important to view any social interaction as a potential opportunity to network. Despite living in a predominantly digital era, the importance of face-to-face networking can never be overstated.

The technology makes organising meetings more accessible, but there can be no substitute for being in the same room as others and connecting on a personal level. Its key to leave a lasting positive impression with all you meet in your personal life and business. Sending out the message that not only are you competent, but you’re an individual that people would be happy to deal with It is important to leave a positive impression on everyone you meet and to send a message that you are not only competent but also a pleasant person to deal with. Many benefits are attributed to networking and Managing Director Alex Hartley has recently been sharing his top tips to his contractors during his regular workshops and mentoring sessions. He has devised a list of his top three benefits.

1.) The scope for opportunities is almost endless. There are always going to be people in your industry that are better versed than yourself. It’s incredibly Important to tap into their knowledge and understanding of the industry. Furthermore, these individuals can help generate new leads, using the contacts you make when you meet people can open many doors for new opportunities for your business and yourself in being exposed to many new career opportunities.

2.) Learning from others provides a different perspective. Having the opportunities to bounce ideas off other individuals that are in the same industry as you are a great benefit of networking and creating lasting relationships. It also allows for a fresh or different perspective on new ideas or how your business is doing. Its one of the best ways to identify best practices or industry benchmarks. Having the opportunity to learn from what others do or having them provide an insight of what you could do to improve is incredibly valuable for any business or individual.

3.)  Through regular networking. Redwood Origins feel that professionals should get out of their comfort zone by talking to people you don’t know is ultimately going to help boost confidence the more you do it. It is important as a budding entrepreneur or a business owner as its a key factor to growth; the business won’t grow unless your out there talking to people and making valuable connections. Networking and networking events are great for people that aren’t naturally confident as it puts them in the deep end and forces them to sink or swim. They will learn how to have engaging conversations and build lasting relationships.

This face-to-face interaction is great practice for anyone within the direct sales and marketing industry although it’s important to come across as transparent and genuine. Redwood Origins are avid supporters or entrepreneurship and helping create the business leaders of tomorrow “I have been talking to our contractors a lot recently on the importance of networking within our industry, for anyone that wants to progress to the top.

At Redwood Origins we are constantly looking to help entrepreneurs get to the next stage in their careers through our workshops, one-to-one mentoring sessions and regular networking opportunities. I can’t stress enough the importance these events have on business and career development” stated managing director Alex Hartley.
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