Redwood Origins Investigates the Biggest Motivator for Entrepreneurs

Sales and marketing firm Redwood Origins has been investigating what motivates today’s entrepreneurs the most and revealed how the reasons behind pursuing entrepreneurship might not be as cut and dry as people think. 

Redwood Origins is an event marketing firm that operates in the competitive outsourced sales and marketing industry.  The company work closely with their clients to help them deliver a personalised marketing message to their target audience and believe that face-to-face marketing is the most effective and relevant marketing technique available to brands right now. Redwood Origins are helping the industry grow by working with and supporting the development of young entrepreneurs.  

Recently, the firm has been looking at the motivations behind pursuing entrepreneurship and examined a recent study of over 800 entrepreneurs in the UK to find out what motivated them to run their own business.  The study found that control was a big motivator with over 60% of small business owners saying that the appeal of being their own boss and having more control of their work-life balance kept them committed to running their business. And more than a quarter responded that early retirement was the main motivation.  Financial gains were less of a priority for most respondents with only 2% wanting to be a billionaire. The study revealed that young entrepreneurs were more motivated by financials gains; nearly 25% of 18-34 years olds had money as their main motivator.  

The firm agrees that control over personal future and having the opportunity to build success on individuals own terms are huge motivators in becoming an entrepreneur. The firm believes the study could change how people think about entrepreneurship for the better, and educate people on the benefits, rather than people believing that the only motivating factor is financial.  

Redwood Origins work closely with young entrepreneurs and take the time to find out individual motivators so they can set personal goals to help them achieve success in the sales and marketing industry.