Redwood Origins investigate the secret to thriving as an entrepreneur

Following a study conducted by researchers from the University of Portsmouth. Redwood Origins have been evaluating the personal characteristics that help entrepreneurs thrive.

Redwood Origins is a direct sales and marketing company that overshadows the competition with its bold and engaging marketing campaigns. The firm is a specialist at turning a brands vision into a reality through innovative and interactive marketing techniques that demonstrate a client’s product or service to the customers transparently and effectively.

Redwood Origins understand that the road to entrepreneurship is a long and arduous one. The secret to success tends to vary between people and how they choose or make it work. Some believe in using proven methods to success, while others believe in using their best qualities to shape a future in their desired industry.

A new study looked to find out whether thriving individual share specific traits, considering some previous studies that validated the most important criteria for success. While one of the researchers admitted that science has not managed to classify the term ‘thriving’ consistently, the researchers defined ‘thriving’ as feeling good about life, yourself and being good at something.

Through this definition, the researchers found that thriving individuals possess some unique personal characteristics:

Optimism – this is a must for the sales and marketing industry, no day is easy, and an individual must be able to push their optimism onto others to feel the difference both in finding success and for one’s own internal happiness.

Motivation – an individual needs to commit 100% to work on and improve on their trade or skill to eventually achieve.

Proactive – Learning, working or even developing one’s characteristics is something that creates opportunities and attracts positive outcomes.

Enjoyment of learning – A student mentality, where one is eager to learn continuously, is a necessity in this day and age. With progression occurring all the time, new techniques and tricks being discovered, one needs to learn and master it all.

Adaptability – Industries are prone to change with the times and can twist at any point, being able to shift with trends and being responsive to market needs is the best way anyone can find success in any given field.

Self-Belief– This is the absolute criteria necessary for someone to become the best at what they do, how could a master pianist play to a concert hall if they did not believe in themselves to go from an amateur to a professional who is selling out shows by the bucket-full.

Despite the inability of the researchers to define the concept of thriving, previous studies have shown that it is distinct from related terms such as resilience, prospering or growth. The findings can help people find ways to function as highly as possible. Redwood Origins are always actively looking out for such insights from research as this enables the firm to better improve and find ways to nurture these characteristics among the young professional whom they work alongside through their personal development opportunities.