Redwood Origins Investigate the Science behind a Strong Work Ethic

As a growing start-up, Redwood Origins believes instilling a strong work ethic among its workforce is critical. Recently the firm’s managing director Alex Hartley spoke about how he has been investigating why it’s creating a positive environment is vital to boosting performance.

Launched in the spring of 2017, Redwood Origins is growing fast with the demand for their personalised, in-person marketing campaigns spreading throughout Norfolk. With the firm’s campaigns promising a higher ROI, and stronger customer relationships compared to more traditional marketing solutions Redwood Origins is looking to meet the increased demand for their services by expanding their workforce in the coming weeks.

Redwood Origins believes their future success in the challenging sales and marketing sector relies on their ability to build an engaged and motivated workforce of bright individuals, all of whom are willing to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional results to clients.

Researching the best way to create a winning workforce, Redwood Origins was keen to explore the science behind work ethic and how people can maintain momentum in the workplace. The firm’s investigation brought them to an article published by Business Insider, which outlined how the level of dopamine in the brain can influence a person’s work ethic. 

Referencing a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, individuals with a high level of the chemical dopamine present in the parts of the brain associated to reward and motivation were willing to work harder for bigger rewards. In contrast, those with lower levels of dopamine in these core areas were more prone to seek out instant gratification and aim for smaller goals.

Dopamine is a famous chemical, often referred to as the ‘reward’ drug it exerts different effects in different regions and pathways throughout the brain. In the mesolimbic pathway, dopamine is most noted to be involved in motivation due to the feelings of pleasure associated with dopamine release. Alex Hartley of Redwood Origins has stated that the firm is working to create and foster a stimulating environment to help encourage the releases of dopamine and keep his entire workforce motivated and engaged.

‘Dopamine is well known for making people feel good, and I want to take this natural chemical reaction and utilise it in the workplace. I want people to feel good about being at work, to create a platform for people to enjoy what they do, while also developing personally and professionally.’ Stated Mr Hartley, ‘The by-product of this is, people learn how to be self-motivated, self-sufficient and fully accountable… which benefits people in the workplace and life.’ 

Redwood origins is currently doing this by encouraging people to set goals, creating competitions and offering rewards and allowing people to plan for a prosperous future.