Redwood Origins Disagrees With Sensational AI Claims

In response to a recent study claiming Artificial Intelligence improves the customer experience, in person marketing firm Redwood Origins has spoken on why AI will never be able to deliver the same level of experience as face to face brand interactions. 

Redwood Origins is an event marketing firm that operates in the competitive outsourced sales and marketing industry. The firm works closely with clients to help deliver personalised marketing messages to target audiences. Redwood Origins believes that face to face marketing is the most effective way to engage customers at a more intimate level. This form of marketing allows customers to interact with the brands and campaigns in a manner not possible through most digital marketing channels; enabling stronger customer relationships to be created and more direct sales leads for clients’ brands.

Artificial intelligence is a kind of simulation of human intelligence processes through machines, computers or software. This could include when a machine mimics cognitive functions such as learning, problem-solving or speech. In fact, AI’s have come a long way since the early days; AI is so well-developed and sophisticated that it has started to be utilised in customer service, in the form of chatbots. Chatbots mimic human conversation, when in fact, the AI is simply recognising the content and context of a consumer’s questions and finding what it perceives as the appropriate response.

A recent study claimed that AI has improved the customer experience. The study highlights companies have reported a 10% sales increase and an increase in customer satisfaction and a reduction in customer churn due to the introduction of AI. The study also describes a positive effect on jobs where the tech had created new jobs, in contrast to the fears that AI will disrupt the jobs market. Redwood Origins however firmly disagrees with this idea, as there may be other contributing factors for why sales have been increasing, which has been failed to be mentioned in the study.

The firm states that AI will never match up with in-person interactions. The company argues that pattern recognition as used by AI fail to offer a seamless customer experience that a real human being can provide. AI chatbots recognise keywords but may not understand the context in which they are being used or the way people naturally speak. AI could give people wrong or irrelevant answers, which can be very frustrating for a customer thus damaging a customer’s relationship with the brand. The use of AI in customer service also presents no exchange of personal information that could engage customers in a more meaningful and powerful way. Humans are unrivalled communicators and are attentive to the desires and needs of other individuals, displaying real empathy in a way that a programmed AI would never be able to measure up.