Redwood Origins: Why all Businesses Need to Aim to be the White Rabbit

As part of the ever-growing sales and marketing industry, Redwood Origins’ is doing everything it can to stand out of the crowd and separate itself from competitors. The firm recently discussed why businesses need to develop a white rabbit mentality to do this effectively.

Based in Norwich, Redwood Origins is an up and coming marketing firm set on changing the way brands approach customer communication and maintain relationships with their target audiences. The company helps their clients to deliver personalised messages to their target audience through developing and running in-person marketing campaigns. The company believes that face-to-face marketing is the most effective and relevant marketing technique available to brands because it leads to greater customer satisfaction and stronger business relationships.

Over the last decade, the demand for personalised marketing has exploded with many brands looking for solutions to strengthen customer relationships in the wake of the digital marketing boom, through which the customer experience suffered significantly.

With the in-person marketing industry showing no sign of slowing Redwood Origins is aware that there is growing competition in the sector, and that to maintain a healthy client portfolio the company needs to adopt a ‘White Rabbit’ mentality.

‘A ‘White Rabbit’ mentality means separating ourselves from the competition – taking a step back and looking at what our strengths are and the reasons why clients should choose our services’ outlined Managing Director Alex Hartley in a recent statement. ‘Becoming a white rabbit also means finding ways of inducing curiosity from clients and consumers. It is this intrigue that will boost word of mouth and encourage people to seek out your services above anyone else’s’.

Redwood Origins’ Managing Director believes that in the current Climate, becoming a white rabbit business is crucial to longevity. ‘So many industries are oversaturated with businesses delivering near identical services. Success is dependent on standing out, which is not only an important lesson for companies, but for all professionals. Asking yourself how you or your business adds value to your sector, and using this to incite curiosity and develop a buzz is a sure-fire way to thrive and stand out in even the most competitive industry.