Redwood Origins advise entrepreneurs to stop letting criticism limit your Success

A successful entrepreneur is one that is capable of taking criticism and uses them as learning opportunities state Redwood Origins. The direct sales and marketing specialists are advocates of entrepreneurship, offering a development program to develop the next generation of business owners.  

Most of us don’t like having our flaws brought to our attention. However, it’s a lot easier for other people to see how shortcomings a lot more clearly than we do. It’s important for entrepreneurs to constantly take onboard any feedback no matter how harsh it may be construed. Feedback no matter how negative Is the most invaluable gift anyone can prove  


1.) Ask for the specifics 

It’s not uncommon for those providing the feedback to feel just as uncomfortable as those receiving it and will tend to tiptoe around the issues, so the feedback might not be as direct as it should be. It’s important to take feedback no matter how raw it might be.  


2.) Do not take it personally.  

Criticism, particularly constructive should be viewed as an insult but more a reflection on your character. It’s an individual’s observation of their interactions with you in a business environment. It doesn’t matter if the individual means well the feedback is still just as valuable.  


3.) Ask for help  

One of the best ways to show that you’re genuinely interested in people’s feedback is to openly ask for advice on how to improve your performance. Candidly acknowledging your downfalls and asking for help shows your strength and people will respond well in turn. 


4.) Make sure its two ways.  

When someone opens themselves up to share feedback they can become vulnerable themselves. A possible reason as to why feedback is not often shared as openly and freely as it should be. It’s important to make those people feel at ease with you and offer to become a partner in self-improvement with them.  


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