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Leave your bad habits in 2017 to boost your success in 2018 claims Redwood Origins

As we start a new year, with new challenges, it’s important to leave the bad habits you have picked in in 2017. Your habits dictate your results argues Redwood Origins.  Norwich based direct sales and marketing specialists are encouraging people to break their bad habits to boost their success as we start a new year. 

Redwood Origins believe that having good habits and repeating them daily is a key ingredient to the secret of success. All of us have developed bad habits over the years, but now is the time to get rid of the ones that might be hampering your potential.  


If you’ve been at a particular job for a while or a specific task complacency can often set it. When it does you’re likely to develop bad work habits, now is the time to get rid of them and help you on your way to greatness.  


Avoid being a one man band

Those that don’t have someone they can rely on at work are far more likely to fail as a lack of accountability. If you find out or realise you have a certain habit that might be hampering your productivity that you’re finding hard to get rid of, tell someone you trust. Develop a way of overcoming the habit.  


Change your inability to prioritise  

It’s important to get all the important or bigger tasks you’ve been assigned out of the way during the morning period when you’re fresh and more focused. This is particularly important if you struggle with prioritising and often become overwhelmed. Create lists to help set out your tasks for the days ahead, checking them off can often be a real ego booster.  


Stop hiding behind fear  

It’s easy to hide behind fear at work – the fear of a poor performance, failure, being an outsider. Fear is one of the biggest inhibitors of being the best you can be. It can often cause individuals to coast through the day avoiding committing to anything and putting off work. The way to overcome this is through thorough planning, break down bigger tasks into smaller ones, make lists and be positive.  


Procrastination is the biggest thief of time 

Pushing back phone calls and responding to emails is a slippery slap, you may never get back on top of things.  


If you’re unsure of any detrimental habits, you might have its good practice to ask a trusted colleague if they have noticed anything. When you have highlighted a habit that needs to be changed, its good practice to look for a mentor or someone that has overcome a similar problem.  


“We all have bad habits that we’ve picked up over the years. Sometimes we might not even realize they’ve become a problem. At Redwood Origins we have a tried and tested mentorship program that while has many other benefits, one of the key aspects is to highlight any areas our contractors might feel they can improve on particularly if they have any habits they feel are holding them back and work to improve on them together. We want everyone here to be confident and the best they can be inside and outside of work” Stated Alex Hartley, Managing Director of Redwood Origins.  


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