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What We Do

In the world of marketing, it’s easy for brands to lose sight of their objectives and become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of services available, all of which promise to boost exposure, customer acquisition and ROI. However in reality, the majority of these services can fail to meet expectations and leave brands disappointed and with very little of their marketing budgets left.¬†Redwood Origins is different. We refuse to give into digital fads, and believe that marketing works best when it is personal and face to face. As such we help brands to deliver personalised messages to their audience through engaging marketing campaigns. Creating immersive brand experiences, every customer interaction made through our campaigns is unique and leads to greater customer satisfaction and stronger relationships.

Our Values

Our values are simple; to offer brands a cost effective, results driven service that broadens their market reach and allows them to grow at a phenomenal rate. Through our combined experience of working in the sales and marketing sector, we know that customer loyalty is best built through face to face communications. Trust and confidence is built through personalised, meaningful interactions and our marketing services are ideally positioned to help clients create these memorable brand experiences. We also believe success is built on legacy and as such, we are equally committed to sharing our expertise with the next generation of sales and marketing professionals. We have structures in place to fast track the professional progression of our workforce; allowing them to secure a bright future within the industry.

Redwood Origins Could Help Your Brand go Further

  Our innovation and industry knowhow will increase your brand exposure and fuel your success.

Our Services

What could Redwood Origins Offer Your Brand?


Tailormade Marketing

Every product and service is different and therefore deserves its own unique marketing campaign.


Customer Acquisition

We provide services that offer the 'personal touch', engaging with customers directly.


Cost Effective Strategies

Traditional marketing can be expensive, However with Redwood Origins, you'll only ever pay for the results we generate.


Immediate Results

We can launch a campaign in record time; meaning you'll start to see results faster than through more traditional marketing solutions.